Complete Guide to Install Metal Gate with Wooden Posts

The phenomenon of installing metal gates between the wood posts is simple. We have to mount wood post hinges on the gate post. Then, the gate hinges are mounted to the gate at the same height & and both hinges. Lastly, we’ve to hook the gate hinges to the post hinges.

Attaching a metal gate to a wooden post requires you to sturdily install gate posts, choose the right hardware(hinges) and proper installation to ensure stability of the gate.

You’ll need two female hinges for the gate, one near the top and one near the bottom of the gate. Similarly, two male hinges get attached to the gate posts at the exact same height.

Read the complete guide to installing metal gates with wooden posts.

How to install a metal gate with wooden posts?

First of all, install wooden gate posts at an exact distance according to the length of the gate. Now attach gate hinges to the gate & hook the post hinges temporarily & place them along the wooden(gate) posts & mark the spots to know where to install gate hinges. Use a thin-diameter drill bit to drill pilot holes. Then use your screw drill to drive screws through the wood post hinges into the wood posts. Similarly, install both hinges on the wood gate post. Now mount the gate hinges on the gate & hook them to the gate post hinges. Similarly, install a gate latch on the other gate post to lock the gate.

Two types of wood post hinges are commonly used to hang gates with wood posts: first is the wall mount type hinge with a flat back. The other is an L shape screw in the hinge.

Similarly, the screw in L shaped hinge gets screwed into the wood post without screws. The benefit of L shape hinge is that it allows you can screw in or out as much as needed to keep the thr gate straight.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

Step 1: Materials You’ll Need:

  • Metal gate
  • Wood posts
  • Level
  • Wood post hinges
  • Gate hinges
  • Gate latch
  • Long wood screws & screw drill
  • Wood drill bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Wrench to tighten gate hinges

Step 2: Install gate posts:

First of all, we’ve to measure the length of the gate to install gate posts accordingly. As wood gate posts have to bear a lot of weight & continuous tension, they must be set in concrete by digging post holes.

To dig post holes, you can use a post hole digger or an auger drill, depending on the size of the post & the required hole size.

To install fence posts sturdily, the post hole must be three times the post’s diameter. The hole must be deep enough to accommodate 1/3rd of the post.

After digging post holes, get fast-setting concrete & pour the dry mixture into the hole. Then, add adequate water so the whole concrete gets wet.

If you’ve used fast-setting concrete, wait one or two hours before proceeding so that the concrete sets. In contrast, the regular concrete will take up to a day to set hard.


  • Make sure the wood posts are in good condition. Cracked or rotted fence posts won’t be able to bear the gate of the gate for long.
  • Also, the gate posts must be exactly straight. Even a slight tilt in fence posts can result in gates being installed incorrectly.

The second step is choosing the right hinges for the gate & posts.

Step 3: Marks spots on gate posts to install hinges

To know the exact spot to mount hinges on the post, mount gate hinges to the gate & hook the post hinges. Now align the gate along the post, keep it above the ground at the desired height & mark spots on the post to know where to exactly mount the post hinges.

Ensure the wood post is sturdy, straight, and securely anchored in the ground. If it’s a new post, make sure it’s correctly set and has had time to cure and stabilize.

Step 4: Install gate post hinges:

The installation of hinges depends on the type of post hinge you are using. Wall mount type hinges have holes & flat back to attach them to the flat wood post with screws. They get attached to wood by drilling screws through holes on the hinges into the wood. If you are using such hinges, take a long wooden screw according to the dimension of the post. But before that, pre-drill pilot holes into the wood to prevent the wood post from cracking while drilling screws. As the holes on the hinges are quite larger than the screws, take washers & slide them over the screws. Now take your screw drill, place the hinges on the desired height on the post & drill screws into the wood post. Washel will keep the hinges hooked to the post.

However, if you are using a screw in an L-shaped wood hinge, they get directly screwed into the wood. To install a screw in L shaped hinge, first pre-drill small holes into the wood. They keep pushing the hinge in the wood & keep rotating in a clockwise direction.

Step 5: Attach gate to the gate post:

Now, take the gate & mount gate hinges at the appropriate height according to the hinges on the wood posts. Please don’t tighten the gate hinges before hooking it to the post hinges to allow for adjustments.

Place the metal gate against the wood post in the desired location. Use a level to ensure the gate is straight and level. Hook the wood post hinges into the gate hinges & bolt the gate hinges tight as much as possible.

This way, the gate will be attached to the post. Now, the only thing left is to attach the gate latch to the other gate post.

Attach the hinge plates to the gate using the provided screws or bolts. Ensure the hinges are aligned properly and securely attached to the gate.

Step 5: Install the gate latch:

Position the gate latch on the other gate post at the desired height. Mark the latch holes. Pre-drill pilot holes on the marked spot. Slide washers on the screws & completely drive them through the holes on the gate latch into the wood. Then drill holes in the latch to the gate using screws. Align the strike plate with the latch and attach it to the wood post. Test the latch to make sure it securely holds the gate closed.

Step 6: Verify the gate stability

Double-check that all screws or bolts are tight and secure. Test the gate multiple times to ensure it operates smoothly and latches securely.

Check the gate’s swing to ensure it opens and closes smoothly without any obstructions. If needed, make adjustments to the hinges to ensure proper alignment and movement.

Make any necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the gate’s functionality.


As per my experience, it’s easy to install metal with wood posts if you have done everything properly. The most important steps are installing sturdy gate posts erect. Then use the right type of wood post hinges & gate hinges & install hem at the exact height on the gate & the post After that you just have to hook the gate hinges with the wood post hinges & secure them tight.

If you still need any assistance, ask us in the comments.

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