How to Hang a Gate on a Round Post

Complete guide to hang gates with round posts

If you have the right hinges for your type of gate and post, the necessary tools, and know how to use them, hanging a gate is fairly simple. For DIY projects, pipe gate hinges work well with round metal posts or gates. For wooden posts, you’ll need hinges that attach with screws. If the gate … Read more

Difference between T-Post and U-Post – Detailed Review for Beginners

difference between T-Posts & U-posts

T-posts & U-posts are types of removable metal posts that don’t need to be installed by digging post holes & setting in concrete bases. They get directly driven into the ground. Both types of posts are used for installing various types of fences & have their unique benefits depending on your requirements & installation conditions. … Read more

7 Hacks to Remove Fence Post Spikes

fence post spikes techniques

Besides making your fence posts removable, the benefit of fence post spikes is that they can also be removed from the ground without digging & can be reused later. To remove fence post spikes from the ground, any tool/set of tools & methods can be used by which you can apply leverage & pull the … Read more