Complete Guide to Make Chain Link Fence for Chickens

chain link fence for chickens

Chain link fences are made of thick gauge galvanized steel wires bent into a zigzag pattern (W shape) woven & vertically linked together, creating a flexible and sturdy mesh structure. However, many people may think, are chain link fences useful for containing chickens? Yes. The thick wire and unbreakable woven mesh structure make chain link … Read more

How to Secure Chicken Wire to the Ground

Secure Chicken Wire to the Ground

While installing chicken fencing, one of the most important steps is to secure the bottom of the fence to the ground. Chicken wire is lightweight & if its bottom & top is not secured, its shape will deform & sag. Ultimately, gaps are formed so animals can escape or the predators can access your animals. … Read more

7 DIY Ways to Connect Cattle Panels Together

Connect Cattle Panels

It’s quite easy to connect cattle panels together. It would help to have the right tool for making joints between cattle panels. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools available to connect cattle panels. The most commonly used & cost-effective tools are pieces of metal wire, zip ties & hog rings. Below, we’ve discussed a … Read more

How to Attach Chain Link Fence to T-post

Attach Chain Link Fence to T-post

While installing a chain link fence, you may be worried about how to attach it to T-posts. We can use several tools, such as T-post clips, zip ties, or pieces of metal wires, to attach chain link fences to T-posts. The main thing is to keep the fence stretched during installation. This post discusses everything … Read more

How to Build Chicken Fence with T-posts

Build chicken fence with T-posts

Chicken wire is commonly used to make chicken runs. Usually, chicken fences are at least 4 feet high. Installing a chicken fence is easy, but choosing the right type of fence, wire thickness, hole diameter & height is necessary. Also, decide the required height of T-posts according to the fence height. In this, we’ll discuss … Read more

How to Install Chicken Wire Tight

Install Chicken Wire Tight

Chicken wire is commonly used to keep chickens & small animals inside the enclosure. Chicken wire is made of thin wires that result in sagging, making the fixture ineffective. For sturdy fencing, the chicken wire must be installed stretched. This post discusses all DIY tips to install chicken wire tight. How to install chicken wire … Read more

How to Attach Chicken Wire to T-post

Attach chicken wire to T-posts

Usually, fence post clips are used to attach wire fences to T-posts. The fence clip wraps the fence & t-post, and its hooks are twisted(bent) over the fence wires. But, as you know, a chicken wire is made of thin wires. So if we use fence post clips with a chicken wire, it’ll break. That’s … Read more