Can I Use a T-post as a Grounding Rod

Yes galvanized T-posts can be used to ground an electric fence but only for temporary or short area fencing

Most issues with an electric fence system occur due to inadequate grounding or ground faults. The shock can not be delivered without using quality ground rods wires & connecting back to the energizer’s ground terminal. Hence, it’s necessary to use adequate numbers of highly conductive ground rods treated against rusting. However, the best option is … Read more

How to Electrify a Chicken Wire fence

Electrify chicken wire fence

There are several ways to electrify a chain link fence. The easiest way to electrify a chicken wire fence is by installing electric fence wires offset (around) the chicken fence. Both fences must not touch each other. This method does not use chicken wire fences in the electric fence circuit. The electric fence wires surrounding … Read more

How to Electrify a Barbed Wire Fence

electrify barbed wire fence

Remember that it’s not wise & legal to electrify a wire fence. According to Standard International Electrotechnical rules EU regulation IEC 60335-2-76, Annex BB. 2002, it’s illegal to directly electrify a barbed wire fence. Here are some reasons: The sharp spikes on barbed wires are already quite dangerous and can easily rip clothes and flesh. … Read more

How to Install Electric Fence on Chain Link

electrify chain link fence

A commonly asked question is, can we electrify a chain link fence? The answer is yes. But we can’t directly electrify a chain link fence because it’s touching the ground & other metal objects such as posts. So, if we directly electrify a chain link fence, the current will constantly leak into the ground, making … Read more

Can You Tie Electric Fence Tape Together

splice poly tape electric fence

Usually, while installing a poly tape fence, or whenever it breaks, we’ve to splice/tie two poly tapes to continue the current flow in the electric fence. Different methods & tools, such as a poly wire connector(buckle), crimp sleeves, or making a simple knot, can help tie poly tape together. Polytape is a wide, flat type … Read more

10 Steps to Electrify a Wire Fence

electrify a wire fence

Sometimes it gets necessary to electrify your wire fence, such as in order to keep someone from accessing the fence around your property, keep your pets i.e. dogs from digging, and livestock from damaging the parameter wire fences or to keep the predators like beers to stay away from the wire fence. It is not … Read more

How to Connect Multiple Strands of Electric Fence

connect multiple strands of electric fence

The main goal of connecting fence strands is to improve current conductivity in the whole fence. If the fence strands are connected, the current will have several paths to travel in the entire fence. It’ll help reduce resistance and improves current conductivity; thus, this approach is helpful, especially when covering large areas. While installing parallel … Read more