How to Put Fence Clips on T-Post

Using T-post clips, you can install wire fence on T-posts any metal post. We’ll place the clip around the post, fix the fence wire in the hooks, and twist the hooks with a plier or clip bender. A pack of 100 T-post clips usually costs around 10-12$.

A T-post clip bender is a commonly used tool to install fence post clips. It’s a rotatable perforated metal piece joined to a rubber handle. It’s used to twist the hooks of T-post clips around the wire of fence. Except clip bender you can also use a plier to put fence clip on T-post.

This post will teach you how to attach a wire fence to T-posts using a T-post clip.

How to put fence clips on the t-post?

The easiest way to install t-post clips is using a clip bender.

  1. Wrap the clip around the t-post. Lock the near-most wire in the u-shaped hooks on the t-post clips.
  2. At last, twist the extra ends of the post clip around the fence wire using a clip bender or plier.
  3. Depending on the expected load, make at least one turn(twist) around the fence wire.

What are t-post clips, and how do they work?

T-post clips are V/U-shaped metal wire clips usually made of galvanized steel. They are used to attach wire fences with t-posts, U-posts & metal posts. T-post clips are lightweight, cheap, and easy to install.

They are available in different shapes & sizes.Choose one that fits your T-posts diameter.A pack of 100 T-post clips usually costs around 10-15$.

The T-post clips work such that the V/U shape body is wrapped around the T-post. Two hooks at the end catch the fence wires. At last, we twist the clip’s hooks around the fence wire.

Below we’ll explain each step in detail.

Step 1: Choose a spot to install t-post clips

Use at least 3-4 t-post clips per post, depending on the fence height. Install t-post clips 2 feet away from each other, one at the top, one at the center and one at the bottom.

Step 2: Attach clips to the T-post & fence

Place the clip around the t-post so that the triangle(V) of the clip fits around the t-post.

Push(adjust) the nearest fence wires inside the hooks of the T-post clip.

Step 3: Twist the t-post clip around the fence wire

After the post clips are attached to T-post and fence wire, use a plier/plass or clip bender to twist the clip’s hooks around the fence wire.

If using pliers, hold the clip’s hook with the plier’s jaws & press. However, a clip bender is specially designed to twist the t-post clips around the fence wire.

How to use a t-post clip bender to intstall T-post clips?

  • In some T-post clips, one hook is large, and the other is small. The larger hook will make a hole/space along the fence wire.
  • Put the clip bender inside the hole and rotate it around the fence wire.
  • Then insert the end of the smaller hook in the hole on the clip bender & rotate it around the fence wire.
  • The t-post clip will bend and loop around the fence wire, fixing it to the t-post.

Installing other types of T-post clips(stay-tuff T-post clips):t-post clips

T-post clips have different shapes but their purpose is same but the way of installation could slightly differ. Forexample if you use t-post clips having prongs/arms, such as stay-tuff T-post clips. Simply adjust the t-post in the triangular (V) body of the clips.

Then pass the clip’s arms through the fence wire & catch the closest wire of the fence. At last, twist both prongs of the t-post clips together using pliers.

A fence clip drill chuck(adapter) is another useful tool to twist the arms of t-post clips. Place the clip over the t-post clip and the fence wire.

Then, insert both ends of the t-post clip in the drill chuck, and turn on the drill. As the drill adapter(chuck) rotates, the ends of the T-post clip twist around each other, tightening the fence wire with the T-post.

DIY alternatives to T-post Clips:

As a immediate solution to T-post clips you can also use pieces of any metal wire available, zip ties or any similar tool. As a DIY alternative to T-post clips I’ve used pieces of metal wire & telephone drop wire. You can use anything that is available & strong enough to bear the fence weight & tension.

A 7-8 inch piece of metal wire provide adequate strength & support same as T-post clip. However make sure he wire is thick enough to bear the weight of fence & expencted load. I’ve been using excess metal wires available at home to build DIY garden fences. They work perfectly well even with large area fences. Simply wrap the wire around the T-post & the wire fence & twist the both ends behind the T-posts.

Although T-post clips & zip ties costs the same but you can zip ties if available. It’s better to choose heavy duty zip ties treated against UV resistance in order to last longer. Zip ties are ideal for low to medium duty fences, however not ideal for heavy duty fences.

I’ve also used telephone drop wire to attach wire fences to T-posts & metal posts. In this way you can use a sturdy long lasting wire or rope to attach wire fence to T-posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How many clips per T-post?

There are no hard and fast rules for how many clips should be used per t-post. It depends on the height of the fence. Just make sure that your fence is firmly hooked to the fence. Use at least 3 t-post clips per post. Install them 1-2 feet apart from each other. For example, for a 5 feet fence, install one clip at the top, one at the center and one at the bottom. For 10 feet t-post, you’ll need 4-5 post clips.

To install a garden or a light weight fence, you can also use cable ties or pieces of metal wire; as a cheaper option.

2: How to use fence fork to install t-post clips?

A fence fork is a tool used to install T-post clips like a clip bender tool. The fence fork tools has a handle to hold & two prongs that are used to twist the hooks of the T-post clips.

Steps to use a fence fork:

  • After you catch the fence wire in the T-post’s hooks, a small space will be created.
  • Insert both prongs of the fence fork in the space between the fence wire & clip’s hooks.
  • Rotate the fork around the fence wire & the T-post clip’s hooks will be twisted(bent) around the fence wire.

3: How to use fence pliers to install t-post clips?

Fence pliers are generally used to cut metal fence wires. But we can use them to twist the hooks of t-post clips around the fence wire.

  • Place the T-post clip around the t-post.
  • Fix(lock) the fence wire in the fence clip’s hooks.
  • Firmly hold the hooks with the fencing plier. Rotate the plier around the fence wire.
  • T-post clips will be twisted around the fence wire.

4: How to remove t post clips?

To remove t-post clips, unite the hooks of t-post clips using a plier or plass. Hold the twisted hook of the t-post clip with a plier or plass. Rotate the plier around the fence wire in anticlockwise direction, and the t-post clip will get loose.

5: Can you use t-post clips on u posts & other metal posts?

Yes, you can use t-post clips on u posts & other metal posts. But the small-size t-post clips may not fit the u-post. That’s the main thing is to choose clips according to fence post diameter.


It’s quite easy to install fence clips on T-posts. Simply wrap the clips around the T-post over the stud. The catch the closest horizontal fence wire in the hooks of the clip. Atlast use a clip bender, fence fork or plier to twist the T-post clip’s hooks around the wire catched. Other than T-post clips you can also use pieces of wire or zip ties as a DIY alternative.

If you still need any help, ask us in the comments below.

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