How to Reduce Voltage on Electric Fence

Many people are concerned that an electric fence may harm their pets. We can reduce the voltage on an electric fence by adding resistors to the fence charger circuit.

You can reduce power at your fence permanently by replacing your fence charger with a low-power fence charger. If you want to modify the charger using DIY tips, we have some ideas for you. 

How to reduce the voltage on the electric fence?

To reduce the current(power) in a fence or a circuit, you’ll have to reduce the input voltage or increase resistance in the fence energizer circuit. As per amps law:

Amperage = voltage/resistance

Amperage decreases as the voltage supply decreases or the resistance increases in the circuit.

The main thing that increases power in your electric fence is amperage, not voltage. Amperage is the mass of electrons that passes through a conductor over time.

To make your fence bearable and not threatening, your fence should output near 0 mA(milliamps). If amperage is kept constant at any voltage (220 or 7000V), shock intensity remains the same.

Due to the high resistance in a resistor, a controlled amount of current is generated as output depending on the resistance applied against the output.

As the resistors slow down, current passing in a circuit. It’ll also reduce the frequency of pulses and the power of the current. Ensure the resistor is rated according to the fence output; otherwise, it may burn.

High-voltage resistors limit the voltage input or output of a circuit. As many resistors, you place in a series circuit will decrease the amperage and voltage of a circuit.

Also, by limiting the voltage on the primary coil, we can reduce the output of a fence. Spark plugs could be used to terminate the fence circuit and reduce voltage.

Place a resistor across the primary coil, and it’ll allow less current to reach the secondary coil, reducing the voltage output in the fence.

After you set up a resistor in the energizer, test with a test to see its voltage and amperage. If the current is still high, you can use one or more resistors in serious to the live wire(part) of the circuit output.

Ensure the resistor is placed before the point where you want to reduce the output voltage. If you are trying to get the voltage to a specific level, you must do this, so you don’t damage your parts. 

By increasing the resistance, it’ll duty cycle as the resistor reduces current flow; hence it takes time to complete a cycle lowering the power duty cycle or changing the frequency of operation.

Adding more strands to the fence will also reduce the intensity of the shock. Current will be distributed among more wires, reducing power due to increased consumption.

Voltage reducers and resistors can reduce an electric fence’s voltage (current). By lowering the voltage running through the fence, animals and humans who might come into contact with it are not at risk. 


We won’t recommend modifying the fence charger on your own, as a complicated circuit may get disturbed and cause a fire. A professional or fence manufacturer should be consulted if you need assistance reducing the voltage in your electric fence.

Another helpful way to keep your pet safe is to train them to detect the electric fence. Using colorful fence conductor wire strands helps animals to recognize boundaries and stay away from the fence. So you can keep your animals safe and in a certain area without reducing the voltage.

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