Can You Tie Electric Fence Tape Together

Usually, while installing a poly tape fence, or whenever it breaks, we’ve to splice/tie two poly tapes to continue the current flow in the electric fence.

Different methods & tools, such as a poly wire connector(buckle), crimp sleeves, or making a simple knot, can help tie poly tape together.

Polytape is a wide, flat type of electric fence wire made of metal strands fastened into non-conductive materials such as polyethylene or polyester.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to splice(tie) electric fence tape together.

Can you tie electric fence tape together?

Yes, we can tie electric fence tapes together, make a knot, use poly tape splicer (buckle) & using a crimp sleeve.

  1. The most cost-saving DIY method to splice poly tapes & wires is to make a knot between ends of the both poly tapes.
  2. The poly tape connector/buckle is specially designed to join poly tapes.
  3. Crimp sleeves can also be used to join poly wires together. They are sturdy as well as highly conductive.
    Polytape buckle/connectors are specially designed to connect poly tapes together.
  4. The sewing Kit (R26) consists of thin metal thread, i.e. 20-gauge stainless steel, and a needle for sewing. They are used to sew poly tapes together. The metal thread will securely connect the strands of both poly wires & result in better current conductivity.

Follow any methods, but make sure that the knot is sturdy. After joining poly tapes or wires, burn the ends of excessive poly tapes. Tie(twists) the filaments of both poly tapes to each other.

Burning the ends of poly tapes & connecting the metal filaments ensures that the conductors are well connected, improving current conductivity.

1: Make a knotsplice poly tape fence

Without investing in any tool, you can splice poly tape by tying a knot between both ends of the poly tape.

Make sure that the knot is secure & tight. If we directly tie the poly tapes, conductors from both poly tapes may not join well & a loose connection will reduce the current flow.

That’s why it’s necessary to burn the ends of poly wires & tie the filaments.

2: Polytape connector/buckleconnect poly tape with connector

Polytape buckles are specialized connectors used to connect electric fence tape together. Poly tape buckles are essential in electric fence installations, as they simplify connecting and extending poly tape fences, ensuring efficient and effective containment of livestock and wildlife.

Polytape buckles are typically made of high-quality conductors, probably stainless steel. It usually costs around 2$ per buckle.

These buckles securely join and connect two ends of the poly tape, creating a continuous and reliable electric fence line. It works the same as a school bag buckle.

They are designed to provide a strong joint between two ends of poly tape while maintaining the electrical current flow.

After terminating the fence, you can use poly tape buckles to hold the excess wire.

Polytape buckles are available in different types & shapes & can be used for various purposes. They can be used to splice polytopes together, attach the poly tape to gate handles, and terminate poly tape fences at corner posts.

3: Crimp Sleeves:spliice poly tape with crimp sleeve

Crimp sleeves are also helpful in splicing poly tape wires & ropes.

Make sure to choose to crimp sleeves with large diameters, as poly tapes are thicker than poly wires.

Use high-quality crimps that can withstand the tension in the fence wires & load of animals. Narrow the ends of polytopes with your fingers & pass them through opposite sides of the crimp sleeves. Make both polytopes tight and press the crimp sleeve using a crimping tool.

After joining wires with crimp sleeves, if there are any wires left out, burn the ends using a lighter. Twist(tie) the metal filaments together to improve current conductivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to cut electric fence tape?

You can use any heavy-duty/industrial scissors to cut poly tapes.

  1. How to connect poly tape to a charger?

Polytape to energizer connectors are widely used to connect poly tape to the energizer. It consists of a metal clip connected to a battery terminal connector with an insulated wire.

The clip gets attached to the poly tape while the round connector gets attached to the live terminal of the energizer.

  1. How long does electric fence tape last?

The lifespan of electric fence tape varies based on factors like tape quality, installation conditions, and maintenance.

A well-maintained poly tape lasts 5 to 15 years. Higher-quality tapes made of materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV resistance, temperature durability, and physical stress resistance have longer lifespans.

However, extreme weather or harsh elements can speed up tape deterioration. Periodic assessment, replacements, and repairs are important for fence effectiveness.

  1. How to connect multiple strands of poly tape?

We can use a poly tape connector to connect multiple strands of poly tape.

A polytope connector is made of two highly conductive metal clips connected together with an insulated wire.

We’ll attach one clip to one strand of poly tape & the second clip to the other strand. In this way, you can connect two strands of polytopes using a poly tape connector.

  1. How to splice poly wire electric fence?

Poly wires & ropes can be spliced by making a knot and using crimp sleeves. However, after making a joint, it’s recommended to burn the ends of poly wires & connect them together. Doing so will expose the metal filaments, ensuring a secure connection between the conductors & improves current conductivity.


Splicing poly tape is easy. Whether you choose any tool or method, make sure that the joint is sturdy.

After making joints it’s essential to burn the ends of poly tapes & twist the metal filaments to each other.

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