Can Electric Fence Wires Touch Each Other

can electric fence wires touch each other

Ideally electric fence wires should be kept insulated from each other or other non-circuitry objects. But ever wondered what happens if electric fence wires touch each other? Let’s explore! Before heading toward the main topic, learn how electric fences work, as it’ll help you to understand what happens if fence wires touch other wires or … Read more

5 Easy DIY Methods to Install U-Posts

install u post with post driver

U-posts are U-shaped steel fence posts with an anchor at the bottom that keeps the post fastened in the ground. They are used to install electric fences, wire fences, hang warning signs, support plants & similar lightweight tasks. U-posts are available in 3-12 feet sizes. Choose U-posts at least 2-3 feet higher than your fence … Read more

How to Make Electric Fence Hotter and Effective

how to make electric fence hotter

An electric fence is a sound security system that helps keep your resources, such as your home and farms, safe. All this is possible if your electric fence(circuit) works fine and is effective enough to deter stray animals and intruders.  However, external and internal factors, such as poor grounding, short circuits, and vegetation, affect your electric … Read more

How to Test Electric Fence Energizer

how to test electric fence energizer

A fence charger or energizer is the heart of your electric fence system. Fence energizers are designed for different purposes and ranges, so you must check your fence charger after a time interval or when you are facing some issues with your fence voltage. How does an Electric Fence Energizer work? A fence energizer is … Read more

Can an Electric Fence Kill You

can an electric fence kill you

I’ve been using a 7KV electric fence at my land’s perimeter for 2 years. Also, as a fence installer, I’ve installed a lot of electric fences for clients. I’ve come across touching the electric fence wires multiple times. To be honest it hurts a lot at the moment. But people may think can an electric … Read more

How to Test Electric Fence

test electric fence

An electric fence is one of the most widely used security systems that help protect your assets from animal attacks and intrusion. However, for optimal working, it must be in good condition, should be installed correctly & must be eventually tested and evaluated. You’ll face several issues daily with your electric fences, such as grounding, … Read more