Can I Concrete In Fence Spikes

Yes, you can install/set fence spikes in concrete, but it’s not ideal, especially for large-area fencing.  Setting spikes in concrete will cost you more in the form of concrete and require a lot of effort in digging holes, filling them with concrete, and installing spikes.

Below, we’ve discussed how to set post spikes in concrete and install fence post shoes.

Can I concrete in fence spikes?

You can install fence post spikes into the concrete to provide added stability. In this method, we’ll dig post holes first. Then, place the fence spike vertically straight in the hole. Fill the hole with the concrete mixture. Level the post spike with a level tool before the concrete sets.

Although the right way to install sturdier & erect fence posts is setting them in concrete but the posts are not removable. However post spikes allows you to remove fence posts anytime while setting them in concrete offer more strength to the post & the fence.

Also keep in mind that setting post spikes in concrete is only recommended for a very few fence i.e., for fence gates.

Here are the reason why you shouldn’t set fence post spikes in concrete:

  1. Large-area fencing should not be built with spikes set in concrete as most spikes will be destroyed during removal and hence become useless.
  2. You’ll have to do alot of effors in digging post holes
  3. Also, the concrete will cost you more.
  4. Concrete & metal spikes expands & contract with changing seasons hence may get loose & get out of the ground.

To set a met post/post spike in concrete, follow the steps below:

Steps to install fence post spikes in concrete:

Installing a fence post spike in concrete is the same as setting a fence post in concrete. You’ll need the following:

  • A digging tools such as post hole digger, shovel, manual/automatic auger drill, etc.
  • Fast setting concrete.
  • Level tool to level post spike in concrete.

Step 1: Dig a hole:

Please measure the length of the spike(anchor) below the bracket/post-shoe; it is usually 2-3 ft long(24-36 inches).

Dig a hole equal to the spike length using a wedge bar, a manual post-hole digger, or an auger drill.

To keep your fence post sturdy, dig a hole 3 times wider than the diameter of the met post/post.

dig post holes

Pour gravel in the post/spike hole up to a few inches. Pound the gravel layer with a heavy wood log to level it.

Step 2: Make concrete mixture:

concrete fence post

Fast-setting concrete helps best for fence posts, is as strong as regular concrete, and hardens within an hour. Such as quikrete sets in 20-40 minutes.

Pour the dry mixture from the bag into the hole until it’s 1-2 inches below the met post brackets. Use 1 gallon (3.8 L) of water per 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag.

You can also make a concrete mixture(water) separately and add it into the post hole.

Then place the spike/met post vertically straight in the hole at 90° from all sides.

Step 3: Level the fence post spike:

Make sure that the met post/spike or post is straight; if the spike is leaning, slightly pull it to align it vertically straight. Use a level tool to check if the post spike is level(straight).

You can also add support to keep the post spikes straight. However fast, setting concrete will dry(set) enough in 5-10 mins, so the spike doesn’t need any support.

Wait a few hours before installing a wood or fence gate post in the spike for ideal results.

At last, insert the fence post in the post anchor(shoe) and tighten the bolts on the post shoes to tighten the fence post.

How to install removable fence posts on concrete?how to install bolt down post shoe

To install fence posts on already set concrete(a floor or slab) or wood structures, fence post shoe are available that get attcached to concrete. You just have to fasten the fence post in the shoe. Similarly you can remove fence post by losening the bolts. Aslo the post choe can be removed from the ground.

Tools Required:

  • Drill with masonry drill bit for the required hole sizes
  • Concrete bolts


  1. Take your drill installed with a masonry drill bit that can pass through the post-shoe holes.
  2. Drill tiny holes through the bracket in concrete to mark the hole spots.
  3. Remove the bracket(post shoe) and drill deep holes at marked points.
  4. Now place the post shoe over the drilled holes.
  5. Get concrete fixing bolts, and screw them through the post shoe into the concrete using a hex bolt screw driver.
  6. Other than an electric screwdriver drill you can use a manual hex bolt screw driver
  7. Similarly you can unscrew bolts to remove the post & the post shoe.


  • Ensure the concrete surface is strong enough and dried well(fastened) before you screw post shoes.
  • Use fence post shoes that have bolts to fasten & remove the posts.


Although setting posts and post spikes provides the best strength but consider using spikes while installing very few posts.

Installing met posts in concrete in large areas will cost you more, and spikes may be destroyed.

For setting fence posts on concrete, fence post shoes are best.

Still need any help, ask us in the comments.

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